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Share your story in a unique way!

We'll help you create a digital presence that your customers will see, remember and share.

Digital and Social Media Marketing Solutions

A cell phone with digital marketing icons

Digital marketing will help you

  • Increase sales

  • Target new customers 

  • Improve brand awareness

  • Develop better customer relationships

  • Build community support

  • Grow market share

  • Introduce new products or services

  • Create a buzz around a product or event

  • Conduct more targeted marketing

We help businesses and non-profit organizations grow with creative content and online marketing. 

Get the results you need with the our marketing expertise.

As seen on this cell phone, social media marketing often targets instagram, facebook and twitter

Social media marketing that works


In the United States, more than 80% of the population uses social media! So, the chances are your customers do also.

There is more to social media than making posts.  To succeed you must understand each platform its audiences and strengths. You then must craft content that will meet your business goals.

It also takes a strategy  


Success requires a purposeful effort to reach your market with quality content. The goal is to encourage engagement and create loyal customers that will share your content with their friends creating more customers. 

Do you have a lot of likes or followers, but not more customers?  Then you need to rethink your social media strategy. 

How We Will Help You.

We'll create a strategy with relevant and engaging content that will inspire your community.


The right message, the right medium on the right platform.

two people using mobile devices

Customers spend 69% of their search time on smartphones

Mobile devices have surpassed desktop traffic and continue to grow. Your marketing efforts need to be optimized for mobile. 

Apps account for 89% of time spent watching video


Apps like Facebook and Instagram are where people now spend their time, You need to create content that properly targets each platform.

Video is watched, remembered  and shared


More than 95% of a video message is remember compared to only 10% of text-based messages. Videos on social media generate more shares than both images and text combined.


What is Digital Marketing?

 Digital Marketing includes such things as videos, blog posts, graphics, social media interaction and paid internet advertising through services such as Google Adwords.

Digital can work for any business whether you are selling directly to the public or to other businesses. 

The principal advantages of marketing online is that it is both measurable and cost effective compared to traditional print, radio and TV advertising.  As more people spend more time online traditional marketing is falling out of favor.

Online marketing can expose more people to the same message at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Think about it, the last time you decided to buy something did you start your research online? -- most do!

a laptop computer with a website design

Website Woes?

Is your website not giving you the results you expect?  Often it is a combination of factors that lead to poor performance - poor design, uninspiring content, and poor search engine rankings.  

An outside professional can help to spot areas of website weakness and can offer advice for improvement.

Don't have a website? Everything you do is on social media?  Social media is great for attracting customers, but you need a website to help you close the deal. Your social media efforts and website need to work together.

What our customers say...

A portriat of Bryant Waker

Bryant Walker, Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport Director

From scheduling and storyboarding, to interviews and filming action, to post-production, everything was smooth and GS Digital made it easy.

A portrait of Cynthia Garza-Galván

Cynthia Garza-Galván,

as Mr. Amigo Association President | 2015

During my year as Mr. Amigo Association President, she produced videos and social media posts that raised the profile of Association events as well as the City of Brownsville.

A picture of Juan R. Chapa

Juan R. Chapa,

as Brownsville Rotary President | 2018

...amazing talent across the board, she excels not only in producing content, she can direct and star in it as well, adding value to an organization.

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