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Video Production

A video camera preparing to film a scene

Why is video the key to increasing engagement?

Video content earns 12 times more shares than text and images combined!  Video viewers will retain 95% of the message. Compare that to text which has only a 10% retention.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video...

Nothing stirs our passions like video. Video marketing helps a brand tell a story and enables stronger search presence by putting a visual, compelling face to your message. 


Visual content creates brand awareness, social engagement, promotion, brand trust, organic ranking, mobile optimization, and conversions.


Video is the future across all digital channels! It is an investment you can’t afford to miss.

Video should play a central role in your marketing

Watching videos online is what people now prefer to do.  Nearly 80% of all internet traffic is video based.  It is no wonder why 87% of marketers use videos.


Video has tremendous benefits over text-based content.  It is more attention grabbing, you can tell a story quickly and you can connect to the viewer's emotions.  This ultimately means that video content is more likely to be remembered, shared or lead a customer back to your website.


A video posted on a webpage can improve your Google search ranking and can increase dwell time on a page by an average of two minutes, 


If you are looking for more exposure, more social engagement and more website traffic video should be an important element of your marketing strategy. 



Filming a video marketing segment at a company

How we can help

In video development, we can assist you in creating a script, graphics, images, and other media based on the digital content you provide. Or, we can start from scratch!


There are many ways to use video to help you drive higher marketing engagement to further your business goals: 

  • Event coverage

  • Live Video

  • Interviews

  • Video blogs

  • Animation services

  • Studio productions

  • Location shoots

  • Explainer videos

  • Customer testimonials

Are you ready to be creative?


Let’s talk about your business video content!

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