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6 Digital marketing tactics you should be using

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of online strategies that are used to attract customers and close sales. But, all these strategies have one thing in common – getting people to your website so you can convince them to buy your product or service.

Before you can become a digital marketing superstar there are some basic website tactics you must master.

1. Know your customers

The first step in any digital marketing effort is to understand your target customer. You need to create a buyer’s persona that outlines their basic demographics, their problems and the journey they take to solve those problems (the buyer’s journey). Your buyer’s persona will help you craft a digital marketing plan that focuses your message and allows you to target where your customers spend their time on the internet. Keep in mind that you may have several distinct customer groups, and each requires a separate persona.

2. Have an attractive and functional website

Your website not only needs to be visually impressive with images that fit your message, but it must also be intuitive to use so your customers can easily find answers to their questions.

Functionality also means that your site looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. Mobile devices now account for more than 50% of web traffic and that number is only expected to grow. A current trend in website design is responsiveness. A responsive site is one that will automatically adjust to look great regardless of device size.

3. Make sure you appease the king of search – Google

More than 70% of all internet searches involve Google. If you want to rank high on the search engine results page (SERP) you have to start your efforts by following Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. SEO is not complicated, but it does have a specialize vocabulary that you’ll need to learn. Common SEO jargon includes terms such as meta tags, keyword, site map, H1/H2 headings, alt tags, URL standards, 404 pages, bread crumbs, robot.txt, etc.

SEO is just the starting point. Using machine learning, Google has become very adept at judging the topics and quality of your website’s content. Your content must be at least as good or better than your key competitors.

4. Include a blog on your website!

You have created the perfect website: it is good looking, it is easy to navigate, it perfectly addresses your customer’s needs and your technical SEO is outstanding. But, you are still struggling to attract website visitors. There are many potential solutions for this issue but one of the easiest to implement is adding a blog. A blog is a digital journal where you can add high-quality content to your website without messing up it’s perfect design.

Create blog posts that are of value to your customers. They should focus on educating, inspiring or entertaining. Excellent blog posts will appear in Google’s search results promoting awareness of your brand and acting as a funnel to other pages of your site. A best practice is to always include a call to action (CTA) on each blog post. The CTA is typically a link that will lead those enthusiastic about what you wrote to related content on your website and a bit closer to your own goal – a sale.

5. Create a consistent look, feel and message

This all about proper branding. Elements of your brand include your logo, fonts, color palette, visual aesthetic, tag line and message. The visual aspects of your brand communicates who you are and can make you instantly recognizable by your customers. They give your business a personality.

Take the time to create a strong, unique image and message for your business, and use it consistently on your website, social sites and all other mediums your business uses to communicate.

6. Use metrics to inform decisions

One of the great advantages of digital marketing is that nearly every aspect is measurable. Using free tools like Google Analytics or the Google Search Console you can easily understand how visitors arrive at your website, which pages of your site are popular, where visitors exit your site, what are your most popular blog posts and a rich set of other statistical data. All this data will allow you to gauge the growth of your site, return on investment and help you make informed decisions.

For example, if you review your analytics and notice your visitors are ignoring an important page it might be time to look at your site design or navigation. Similarly, if a blog post or set of similarly themed posts attract a lot of search traffic you’ll want to write a few more posts on that topic.

We can help!

Do you need help implementing the ideas outlined above? Contact GS Digital Marketing, we will help you with creative solutions to grow your business.

By Graciela Salazar

GS Digital Marketing is a creative digital marketing firm in the Rio Grande Valley specializing in social media, video and graphic design. We will find creative ways to reach your customers. To learn more, visit our website or contact us.



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